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Naked: The Nude Body Empowerment Project

We know that the live viewing of the project was not possible due to other issues and events, but we have posted temporarily on our site and hosted this exhibition in part for your viewing in a virtual gallery! You can see this feed on the ArtScapes website. ALSO we have had recent updates to let us know that this in person event has been rescheduled for December! There will be more details added as they become available! Thank you!


You can also get more information on the Ohio University website or contact the Ohio University Women's Center at 


As you know, we have been busy here at Arti St! Things are always changing and moving! Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my art and being artist. I think it was a really awesome experience and wanted to take a moment to share the article that was written with all of you. Please click on our trusty Unicorn friend Fernando below to read this piece! 

Also, if you know of any other places where you would like to see Arti St Studio and  Jen Hernandez Photography or you would like for us to host a class or photo event for you please let us know! We would be happy to come to your organization and  give a paint party or for special event photography. Make sure you reach out!

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NEW!!! Photography Services are available at Arti St Studio! We offer lots of awesome services for you to check out for that personal touch from an artist that isn't afraid to "go there"! Let us help you make memories!


Great NEW digital backdrops, mini sessions, package sessions, and digital editing services available!

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Live sessions are available by appointment! We are also working on a NEW photo project that you can be a part of, please reach out!

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