Artists Don’t Get Discovered…They Just Emerge.

I heard someone asking a question recently about how they could get discovered as an artist. So, it sparked a lot of different thoughts within me. I started wondering how they really do get discovered…I wondered if that was really a thing in the art world. I realized that they really don’t have a real discovery as much as they emerge. If you are serious about being an artist and in being in the mainstream you generally just take your place in the art world. The funny thing is that even if you are someone who does emerge, it doesn’t mean that you will have any type of fame.

How many artists do you think achieve this level of fame?

It is really how it is though. I realized that I have been creating art for the past 20+ years…actually for the largest part of my life. I noticed that I really only started showing my art widely in the past 3-5 years. I will call this my “point of emergence.” Still haven’t been discovered, haha! That is likely because I have built myself to the point that I am at today. If my name is on the tip of anyone’s tongues it is because I earned that. I seeped out from the place where artists emerge from, and I took my place. I took my place as an artist, a teacher, a creator, a photographer, and a leader. Nobody else can make an artist. This is why they aren’t discover-able.

Given the number of forums available now for artists to expose themselves (that is not a euphemism), there is no excuse for an actual artist to sit around waiting for someone else to initiate their art career. In my opinion this kind of drive is something that you either have or you don’t. I see LOTS of questions posed in chats about ‘how can I begin’ or ‘what can I sell my art for’ or ‘where can I sell it’ and even ‘why don’t I have any likes’…the artists posing those questions aren’t making it anywhere. This shows a complete lack of initiative. They didn’t even bother to read an article or two prior to posting their question. I am not saying that a person shouldn’t ask questions, I am saying that there are a great deal of articles, blogs, and texts that will tell you all sorts of methods and info. There is really not any need to ask unless you want to know what had worked for others…and in that case you should at least be forming your question as a compare and contrast type of question and not a careless afterthought.

All the information is available to you! Just search!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves because there is literally a huge amount of information at EVERYBODY’S fingertips. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid, we really had to work for the information in order to get it. We learned to research, because we didn’t have people to ask. This was back when we actually had to be aware of the Dewey Decimal System…things just aren’t that way anymore. People don’t have the passion to learn anything anymore, they just want everything handed to them and the hard work done for them so that they can reap the rewards. However, if that is what you are waiting on in the “arting” or photography world then you just aren’t going to make it. You will fizzle out because it is a lot of work to promote yourself. People you meet may have horrible advice for you, or they may not give you advice at all. Believe it or not…some people take it personally that you don’t want to put in any effort. You gotta remember the song…"She works hard for the money!..." If she IS working hard for it, she is not going to be thrilled with the fact that YOU aren’t working hard for it.

Sadly, those who don’t do their research will never see this post. Why? Because they DON’T bother to read anything that could teach them something. What a shame, what a loss. The good thing is that you are NOT that person, because you are here. You can take this message and pass it on when those people start asking you questions that they could easily have found answers to…if only they had bothered to look. Not you though…you’re much smarter than that. You do your research!

I'm An Artist...I do what moves me.

Regardless, there are many things that an artist can do in order to “emerge,” you set your own limits here. You can really do almost anything you want…and when you are questioned you just use the excuse that you are an Artist…thus you are inappropriate and unconventional. Haha, joking and serious here at the same time. I say there are no REAL limitations…but I also advise people to be at least tasteful. I can’t tell you what that is for you, but I can say that you should KNOW what that is. There is a limit between being forward or Avant-garde and just being a douche…know those limits please. I trust you. But…YES, EMERGE….YES, SUCCEEDYES, make people think.

Don’t wait to be discovered.

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