My Diamond Dotz- Starry Night by Van Gogh (A Display of Patience)

My Diamond Dotz- Starry Night by Van Gogh (A Display of Patience)

Diamond Dotz- Starry Night

I decided that I wanted to try the new fad craft that is out now. I am an artist who loves to try new things. I thought about using cut resin pieces in some of my work but it seemed like a lot of effort. I prefer to be more…free in my expression. Still, the diamond “paintings” are so shiny! I couldn’t resist them when I was walking through my local Michaels store, especially since I had a coupon.

Needless to say I was very excited, but I am not sure I really knew how time consuming this could be or what other projects it would keep me from. I literally did no marketing for my own work for a good 3 weeks. Even after finishing this undertaking, I may still need to recover for another week or so. Either way. I separated all of my different colored diamonds in the best way that I could. I had about a million different ideas about how I could reasonably do this, but honestly it was easier to keep the packs in numerical order in a plastic craft box.

I had read that lots of people have trouble figuring out how to use the pen that comes with the kit to put the diamonds on…luckily I figured it out based on the trouble that everyone else was having. There were little to no instructions in the package; just the adhesive canvas, the dots, the pen, and the little wax tub. So I stabbed the wax a few times with the pen and decided to pick a symbol on the key that is at the side of the painting. I literally could have started with #1, but nope….that isn’t what I did at all. For some reason it made more sense to me to try and pick the symbol that I saw the most of on the outside edge of the picture. I guess I did this because I saw videos of others doing these all gracefully with the plastic covering the adhesive in an orderly fashion. I soon realized that I am left handed….and “order” is not a concept that readily applies to either me or the diamond painting process.

Using the pen!

I worked on one color for hours and I realized that this was going to be a long process. I began to develop “diamond arm” as I like to call it because there was not an easy way to position yourself to get the job done. After several hours I still felt that I had nothing done. This went on for a few hours every night. After about a week it still didn’t look like I had really put a dent in any of it. My starry night was just a couple of dots here and there. Would this ever end?

Part of me really didn’t want to continue and part of me couldn’t stop. I think that these are addictive because I HAVE to finish them…not really because I WANT to finish them. I even bought some from some other companies to give to family and try myself because I need to know if there is a better way. Finally after about 2 and a half weeks I can see that it is coming together, but I am still not done. The plastic cover was more of a hindrance so I simply put it on the floor so I could really get down to business. I guess I can see now why I never could get into cross-stitch, knitting, or the other useful crafts. I just kind of look at it as busy work or I don’t like for someone else to dictate what I get to create.

There are so many to do!

Either way I finished the large diamond picture about 3 weeks after I began. This is not a quick project. I did not find some sort of inner calm from repetitive motion. I also can’t say that I like to be told what to do. I am guessing that this project would be good for someone who wanted a shiny picture or someone who likes cross-stitch. There are legitimately those who want to create a piece of art, but they don’t feel like they have the talent to do so. These can be neat to look at and I really like how my finished product looked. I just don’t know that I can conform long enough to finish another one.

You can find your own masterpiece on the web at They actually have a pretty wide range of diamond accessories like bracelets, magnets, stickers, and pillows. The price range varies based on which design you choose. These particular kits can also be found in some of your local stores. The website does have a feature where you can find your nearest location.

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