What’s Going on in Your Streets? What Would You Like to See a Blog Post About?

Here at Arti St we always have a lot to talk about…there are so many things that I really want to tell you about. Not just because I like to talk (which I do) but really because I want to be there for you on your arting journey and help you to navigate this business in the best way possible. I know from experience that it is hard whether you are a well-seasoned arting veteran or an arting enthusiast or even and arting newby. I welcome all of you here and I hope that you are able to find something useful and valuable in my communications here In the Streets!

Tell me more about what you want to see...

This post is a bit different though, I want to know what you want to see more of here in our Streets blog. I want to see your questions and what you are dying to know about. I try to make sure that I hit all of the most important parts that come up, but sometimes I don’t realize that some things are really questions for people other than myself….and I don’t want to bore you with the details if you aren’t interested.

New posts coming soon!

So SHOUT it out to me….write it down! Send me a message, comment, or add it to my social media walls and I promise to put it in the rotation to try and personally answer any of your questions or talk about more of your interests. Thanks for being here! As always… like👍, comment 🗯, and share🤳

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