Current Projects

Naked: The Nude Body Empowerment Project
The Dead Building Project
Inktober Creations 


These are serious ART installations, there is no room for perverse behavior. Failure to understand these terms is not only in poor taste, but very inappropriate.

-Do NOT send your personal photos to me..

-Do NOT message me about wanting copies of nude photos (Any of the works that are available will be listed in the Shop).

-I encourage feedback and want you all to participate. Many of my  projects can be healing and powerful for a lot of people and the reach could be very far.


Naked: The Nude Body Empowerment Project

will be featured in the 2020 International Women's Art Exhibit this coming April! Stay tuned for more information about when and where to see this exhibition and get up close and personal with Arti St and the participants of Naked: The Nude Body Empowerment Project! You can also get more information on the Ohio University website or contact the Ohio University Women's Center at 

We travel as needed!

Springfield, OH 


Phone: (937) 624-7549

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