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Springfield, OH 

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Current Projects

Naked: The Nude Body Empowerment Project


This is a serious ART installation, there is no room for this perverse behavior. Failure to understand these terms is not only in poor taste, but very inappropriate.

-Do NOT send your photos to me (If you are chosen to participate I will schedule a session with you after receipt of your contract).

-Do NOT message me about wanting copies of your nude photos (please read your contract for further info about that, and please recall our conversation about what would happen next).

-Do NOT attempt to gain entry into the project without filling out the model release (I will not accept contracts in any other way than I have listed on the website).

-I encourage people to participate, but I do not tolerate this kind of behavior. This project can be healing and powerful for a lot of people and the reach could be very far, but I cannot accept people who are only trying to get into the project for motives that are not in line with the project goals. (In other words, this is not just an opportunity to get naked pictures of yourself).


Ican take pictures of you like one of my other models...